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The Voice Recap: Season 2 Ep. 15 Elimination Round!!

For the most part, tonights elimination went according to how I thought it should go, so I will be spending the better half of the night NOT cursing at my television set. Special guest performance by British boy band The Wanted and a premier of Justin Bieber’s music video (more like a sneak peek rather than the whole thing)  helped to pad a show that already felt pressed for time. Why is it that the artists always bring out the big guns when America has already put in their votes?

America’s Choice:

Chris Mann (Do I smell a special guest performance by Josh Groban? I am in dire need of some You Raise Me Up. LIVE!!)

Jermaine Paul (Great job! You deserved it)

The saves came as no surprise to anybody I hope because lets face it, they weren’t up against stiff competition from their respective teams.

Now for the fun part. Save me songs!!

Team Xtina

Ashley De la Rosa sang a much too pitchy version of Lady Gaga’s You and I and I dont know about you but I had no doubts whatsoever that she would be going home. She displayed the same whisper/talk/bellow combination she introduced last night. Is this a thing now? This season had so many competitors showcasing “the Voice” by talking and passing that off as singing. I’m just so disappointed by it all because having one performer sing that way is interesting… but having 5? What kind of competition is this? If it weren’t taken, they should rename this show “the Talk” and let the performer who can switch their notes more times in one song crowned the winner. Goodbye Ashley it was fun knowing ya~ not really.

Lindsey Pavao came out singing her own blend of style that has endeared her to many Americans. Now I’ve been pretty critical of her performance last night but her rendition of Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner was.. how should I say this… I didn’t not like it. Oh screw this, I actually enjoyed it. A lot. My one biggest weakness when it comes to shows like this is when an artist can truly take a song and make it their own.. my personal favorite being last season runner-up Dia Frampton’s take on Kanye Wests Heartless or X Factor UK’s Cher Lloyd and her CRAYYY audition of Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy. Oh sure, the judges love to throw around the “made the song their own” bit A LOT but tonight, Lindsey really did. By the end of it, Lindsey was shedding a tear, Xtina was shedding a tear, maybe even this cold hearted recapper was shedding a tear. I didn’t have to wait for Xtina’s decision to know that Lindsey was safe.

Team Blake

I’ve got to hand it to performers who sing a Save Me song as though it will be the last song they’ll ever perform on stage. And tonight, Erin Willet brought it with Tina Turners Proud Mary. She started off slow leading into the high and the best part was, she looked comfortable as hell doing it and performing like she was having the time of her life. THAT is the way to sing a Save Me song. Oh sure, crying helps but if every contestant gave a sob song, I would probably have to go cut myself to juice the pain out and for that.. I thank you Erin. Good Job.

On the opposite spectrum of fun was RaeLynn.. what can I say? Well, a lot. For several weeks she’s chosen songs that never really showcased her vocals and tonight.. she decides on The Band Perry’s If I Die Young.. probably the most depressing song.. EVER. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s a sweet, sad song that I’ve actually enjoyed listening to.. until RaeLynn went and butchered the living hell out of it. Sheesh. Now I understand why she’s only chosen fast paced songs til now.. this girl CANNOT SING. She was breathless for most of the time and due to the time crunch (once again.. why have guest performances if you don’t even have time for a contestant to sing a full song??) the whole song got chopped up and awkward. Her definition of adlibs are inserting that country drawl and twang every sentence. Terrible. Just terrible. Poor Blake, he has rolling credits underneath as he must make a decision NOW. Of course he chooses to save Erin. I would have to go buy a new TV to replace the one i’d break if he went with RaeLynn.

Next week on The Voice!! Team Adam and Team Ceelo!! See you soon!!

The Voice Recap: Season 2 Ep. 14 Surprise Elimination(s)!!

Was anyone surprised at tonights instant elimination?

Whenever I watch a show like this (AGT, American Idol, X Factor, Sing Off.. etcetera..etcetera) I almost never (more often than not) agree with the Judges. Today was no different, HOWEVER, I’d like to point out that Team Blake and Team Christina, have about 6 contestants between them I consider dead weight. As in SURE-AS-HELL-WONT-WIN-THIS-SHOW kind of dead weight. If only for the fact that they’ll have another week to somehow put their best faces forward and hope to land a recording deal after this terrible terrible ordeal.. I just don’t see anyone from either teams winning it all. The ”Instant Elimination” seemed a bit cruel on the producers part. Had there been none to begin with, each team would have lost 2 members America deemed “unworthy” anyway. Instead, 2 contestants were eliminated without ever truly knowing what we, the viewers, wanted. As I said, neither of these two Mentors hold a true contender (except maybe Jermaine but i’ll get into that a bit later) but there are those who deserve to stay at least a week longer than others (I’m looking at you Country). But enough of my jabbering.. how about a run down of the performances:

Team Blake

First up from Team Blake is that tiny bundle of Country, RaeLynn, performing a country song by country artist Jason Aldean’s She’s Country, in her customary poofy dress and cowboy boots, gyrating her underage hips, and growling every syllable….. very reminiscent of her performance from 2 weeks prior. I would say she’s spunky enough.. for lack of a better adjective. Oh Blake.. I’m not entirely sure which way you’re going with this season.. What happened to the Blake I fell in love with last year? The one who, despite protestations from other Voice judges (who felt “unique” didn’t quite fit into the equation) proved all of them wrong by bringing forward 2 of the most interesting contestants (Dia and Xenia) to the finals? Whereas Blake felt like a doting father to the two, this season.. “creepy uncle” comes to mind when I watch him asking RaeLynn if she has a boyfriend. E…W…W. The fact that she looks a tad bit like his wife, Miranda Lambert, doesn’t help much in the creepy department but it might answer a couple of questions like: Why is RaeLynn still in this competition? or How did Gwen Sebastian get kicked off when she is obviously the superior country singer? or WHY IS RAELYNN STILL IN THIS COMPETITION???? I have nothing against the chick but she even sucked in the Team Blake medley of a countrified Heart Ache Tonight… COUNTRY-FIED!!! Just boggles my mind when other performers sing country better than a bona-fide country singer. Also.. Xtina took center stage during her Team medley of Stronger and kicked the butt out of it. Was Blake MOUTHING his verses or am I just going deaf? Lets just say… he made lip-synching look difficult as hell. Back to RaeLynn. My verdict: DEADWEIGHT

Team Xtina

Next up is Jesse Campbell from Team Xtina and I was a bit surprised to hear he would be singing Beyonce’s Halo. This… sucks… balls………. Here’s the thing: Nothing against Javier 2.0 (or would he be 0.5) but he has been getting on my nerves ever since the Battle Rounds. Yes, we get you can do the ad-libbing, the rifts, the highs, the lows and literally every note in between. A pure show-off but even he can’t create miracles with this one. Xtina, you’re his mentor and you thought he would what.. kill it with this performance? Everything, from the song (notes were too high), to the set (really?? a frame?), down to his “ugly even on someone young” fuzzy grey fedora.. He was destined to fail with no fault of his own but his mentor, who, by the way, should stop wearing those cuhrayzee dominatrix corsets with matching underwear until she’s lost a couple of pounds. I’m not hating.. only pointing out that theres tasteful, and then there’s Xtina. Sheesh, someone get her a stylist with big enough balls to tell her she isn’t a size 2 anymore. Back to Jesse. Yes he’s full of it. But he also has every right to be. The man can SANG. My verdict: Doesn’t even matter what my verdict is because we will never know if he was a contender….. (I say contender loosely because there is no possible way another Javier wins back to back seasons.. right?)

On a side note: It’s always nice to see the “much improved from Season 1″ Carson Daley. It’s always terrible to see the Sprint Lounge Host.. last year was confusing (white chick we barely knew yee) this year is just weird.. Christina Milian.. what happened honey? #smh

Team Blake

How many viewers knew Jordis Unga had both sleeve tattoos!!! I mean, I knew she was a badass but like.. a one sleeve kind of badass.. know what I mean? And the best part is how her tattoos beautifully offset her gorgeous dress. She totally rocked it as well as kicked butt with her song, A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans. My Verdict: Blake.. WTF is wrong with you? Your reasoning to eliminate Jordis didn’t make any sense.. sure she was one of the THREE to get the lowest votes 2 weeks ago but the game changes every week you’re in the competition and this week she kicked butt. You couldn’t sacrifice your precious RaeLynn or even Erin Willet? With Jordis gone your team solidified another season of not winning. Forget winning.. lets say you missed an opportunity to “save face” because RaeLynn is TERRIBLE. Just terrible.

Team Xtina

Back to Team Xtina, back to another lack-luster performance by Ashley De la Rosa with Jewel’s Foolish Games. I was genuinely surprised when Ashley landed in the bottom three 2 weeks ago with her fantastic rendition of Alanis Morissettes Right Through You. I was also ecstatic when Xtina saved her from eliminations because she showed so much promise. It wasn’t her fault America didn’t really know her, the Voice editors gave her the least amount of screen time out of all the other contestants. Well, she took my expectations and flushed it right down the toilet tonight. My gosh… she literally talked/whispered her way through most of the song and then suddenly went all big making the song completely disjointed. My only compliment? She’s very pretty. But so was that screechy model what’s-her-face and we all know how that went. Nowhere. My Verdict: DEADWEIGHT. There is no consistency with Ashley and this performance sucked so I’m shocked Xtina decided to axe the “good if given the right songs” Jav, I mean, Jesse Campbell.

SideNote: Why did Adam perform tonight if he would’ve done it with his Team next week anyway? I watched the whole time waiting for Team Adam to show up but instead out comes Jamar Rodgers (which wouldn’t make sense because he’s Team Ceelo) and it literally took me a full 3 seconds to see that it was Wiz Khalifa.

Team Blake

Erin Willet. What is there to say about Erin without seeming like a complete bitch. She lost her father during the time she was in this competition. Am I a heartless bitch for feeling that she should have been next to her father in the few days he had left? Am I a heartless bitch for insinuating that Blake is keeping her on because he doesn’t want to feel like a monster for kicking off a girl who missed her fathers death to be on this show.. to follow her dreams? Then I am a heartless bitch. Similar story in X Factor. Stacy Francis. Remember her? Of course you don’t. Same story. Father died during the competition, she wasn’t there, didn’t go to the funeral because “he would’ve wanted her to follow her dreams” Well, she didn’t win the competition and she didn’t even make it to the top 10. I have a father who passed away on a business trip and I wasn’t there in his final moments and wish every day that I could. People seem to forget that you’re only given one father but many opportunities in life to go out and make their dreams a reality. Anyway, veering back from that tangent, Erin’s rendition of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain was.. how do I put this lightly.. NOT ADELE. I am definitely over everybody trying to be Adele. No one can sound like her. That is why she is Adele. Sure, maybe one day, there will be someone who can imitate her sound and music spot on but it sure ain’t anybody from this competition and plus, why would you want to follow in her massive footsteps instead of making a niche of your own. I am hoping to goodness sakes that this is the last Adele song sung in this competition and forever. She’s much too current and it all becomes a bad case of karaoke night. But putting aside my dislike for anyone thinking they can sing Adele, Erin has never jumped out for me. Sure she can bellow but so can I when I’m fighting with my boyfriend. All in all, I would forget her voice immediately after she finishes the final note. My Verdict: DEADWEIGHT

Team Xtina

After last years surprise favorites Dia Framption and no-last-name Xenia, there was an onslaught of “unique” singers this season. For Team Xtina, Lindsey Pavao is her name and confusing is her game. So, she obviously has a better voice than that terrible Erin Martin but I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a hipster thing. Maybe I was born 2 years too early and just wouldn’t understand her generation (which wouldn’t make sense since we’re from the same decade…). Give me some credit guys, I listened to Lana Del Rey. Don’t I get some hipster points? No? Eh. I thought she butchered Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know which shows how much I know since it was the “most downloaded on itunes from all the contestants” So keeping in line with her “unique vocal stylings” Lindsey attempts to do the same with Katy Perry’s Part of Me which I think is FREAKING terrible but will most likely be the most downloaded music on itunes (please let me be wrong). My Verdict: DEADWEIGHT but will probably make it to the finals… because i’m usually wrong when it comes to her.

Team Blake

The Voice sure makes you suffer through the terrible 2 hour long shows to finally get to the best at the end of the night. Jermaine Paul. Up until this show, I had seriously underestimated Jermaine. He used to be Alicia Keyes back up singers and today, he finally showed that he has enough chops to get away from her humongous shadows. He took a Phil Collin’s Against All Odds and stuffed it full of Brian McKnight, John Legend, R Kelley goodness and I loved every minute of it. He took a page out of Jesse Campbells book of rifts and exaggeration and KILLED it better than the man himself. He will most definitely be voted through to the next round but my only question is, can he top this performance? Maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself, can he bring a performance on par with tonight? Up until now, he has been so underwhelming he basically wasn’t even in my radar. After tonight, he’s got a huge target on his back because he is most definitely the one to watch. My Verdict: Contender.

Well, that’s all for today guys, hope you enjoyed… wait.. it’s not over?

Team Xtina

I’ll say this once, there is no way anyone tonight could have topped Jermaine’s closing song. And nobody did. Especially Chris Mann. Going with the trend of terrible music choices, Xtina lets Chris leave his comfort zone with Coldplays Viva la Vida, and my question to you is this, if  you would get eliminated, would you feel better going out singing a song that didn’t suit you, or having sung the socks out of a song that was deemed too safe? Well no worries for Chris tomorrow night since America will most definitely be kicking Ashley De la Rosa off after Xtina’s surprising elimination of Jesse. Since he’ll probably live to sing another day, can we get some Josh Groban up in this studio? I’d like to see Mr. Opera sing the socks off that song. Can we get a duet? PLEASEEEEE. My Verdict: DEADWEIGHT

Until the next show~ See you soon


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